Musical Claims to Fame from two Sues

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Sue Collins

Alto Sue Collins writes…

In 1997 I joined a scratch choir of 500 to 'Sing for the Homeless' the Messiah under the baton of Sir David Willcocks at Douai Abbey in Berkshire.  All proceeds went to the Cardinal Hume Centre Trust for the Homeless.

MessiahSir David conducted us two years later to sing Bach's Christmas Oratorio Parts I-III and two years later again to sing Parts IV-VI, all at Douai Abbey. Very memorable occasions.










Fellow alto Sue Pegram recalls a VIP grate-crasher…

At a Parish ChoJohn Rutterir rehearsal for a wedding last year, we were ‘gate-crashed’ by composer (now) Sir John Rutter who had heard us rehearsing [two of his works] The Lord Bless You and Keep You and The Music’s Always There with You – a new piece for us to learn.

Our choirmaster was oblivious as he had his back to him, but the whole choir could see this familiar figure ambling towards us!  Dr Rutter (as he then was) even sat in the church porch to listen to the wedding service the following Saturday!