Why tenors like singing

Submitted by huw on Thu, 09/28/2023 - 17:24
Joy of singing

I recently asked my fellow tenors what they like about singing and being part of Royston Choral Society, and they didn’t disappoint…

For James B, it’s the sum total of our individual input “the opportunity to be part of something larger than myself working together to make a great sound.” He also appreciates the inclusivity of the choir “It provides an opportunity for people of different ages, abilities, backgrounds and musical experiences to get together to perform great works to a high standard in a friendly environment.”

The power of the performance is also an attraction for our other James B “I like working on something that challenges both individually and collectively. This culminating in a concert with a sense of occasion and hopefully giving those moments of beauty and joy whilst getting it absolutely right. The whole room can feel it and so will you.

Alan B praises the quality of leadership in our musical director, Andrew O’Brien. “Andrew is an excellent choral trainer and it is in fact a privilege to sing under his leadership. Over a period of 55 years I have sung in a number of choirs including the BBC Choral Society and I can only think of two other conductors as stimulating, and one of those was Malcolm Sargent in the early 1960s.”

Alan also enjoys the qualities of the choir. “For a relatively small town we have a choir with real potential - I cannot wait to start on the Bach B Minor Mass [our November 2023 concert].”

For me (Chris L) the performance – when we get it right – makes all the effort worthwhile. I’m pleased to report that the attractions of singing with the Choral Society keep the tenors coming back, and we’ve enjoyed a record number joining during the year!