Soprano Stories - Ann Keep

Submitted by huw on Sat, 05/27/2023 - 17:03
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Last March, I caught Covid-19 at a rehearsal along with a number of other choir members.  I thus spent 12 days self-isolating and my sore throat meant a temporary excursion down to the alto part when I Zoomed into a church service.

I listened to Radio 3 a lot and discovered some new pieces; The Darkness Is No Darkness by Judith Bingham was one I enjoyed particularly.  Unfortunately, I now have no memory of this beyond the name, which I noted down.  I was comforted to hear my husband playing his customary Bach prelude and fugue.  The Royston Choral Society concert proceeded without us and went very well.  Fortunately, we had another chance to sing the Mozart Requiem later that year.

The Darkness in No Darkness