Talking Music with Cynthia Prince

  • Posted on: 16 October 2019
  • By: huw

Cynthia says she’s been singing with the Royston Choral Society “on and off for about 8 years”. In an earlier conversation, I learnt that it’s her 30-year association with Richard Prince to which she attributes her interest in classical music.

But her singing experience goes back to her school days. “My earliest memory of singing was in the choir at primary school – I did it to miss maths. My mother was musical, but didn’t push me, my father wasn’t interested.” Singing in the school choir was, says Cynthia, “All right – the teacher was enthusiastic. My first public performance was in the school nativity play. I was in the chorus and our teacher was very good and had written a whole new ‘non-traditional’ nativity play – music and all - although I didn’t appreciate how special it was at the time.” .

I ask about Cynthia’s favourite songwriter/ composer. Without hesitation she says ‘Eric Clapton’ hastily adding ‘and Richard Prince’. How she describes her husband remains unreported, but she says Eric Clapton is ‘God’. Cynthia admits to being a bit of a groupie in her younger days; seeing her hero on several occasions.

For brightening up someone’s day, Cynthia recommends Greater Love by John Ireland “It isn’t cheerful, it’s just lovely” she says matter-of-factly.

Rather than coming up with a musical joke or humorous quote, I discover Cynthia enjoys the songs of Flanders and Swann, and she nominates ‘Mud, mud glorious mud’, more formally known as The Hippopotamus Song, as a particular favourite.

Thank you, Cynthia.

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