Singing Messiah across the world

  • Posted on: 22 June 2020
  • By: huw

Royston Choral Society member Sue Pegram joined a virtual choir for a unique performance of Handel’s Messiah. Below she reflects on the experience…

“The Self-Isolation Choir’s ‘Messiah at Home’ became a huge event with over 3,600 people signing up from all over the world for eight weeks of rehearsals. It was amazing to think that this project had reached so many people, escalating into something far greater than the organisers had originally thought. I enjoyed the rehearsals, partly because I already knew ‘Messiah’ well and could give it my all. The rehearsals were well run - by the very charismatic Ben England – and although the ‘live’ performance had glitches with synchronisation, it had been a mammoth task for the technical people to pull together and stream so many individual recordings in a very short time.

It was very emotional to think that on performance night, those 3,600 singers who had joined the project throughout the world were singing Handel’s ‘Messiah’ together in their homes and all at the same time (some in the early hours of the morning!)”

The 8,000 videos uploaded by Self-Isolation Choir members, and the contributions of the soloists and baroque orchestra, have now been re-mastered for streaming and all 2hrs 15 mins of the performance are available here to enjoy.