Royston Bells

  • Posted on: 2 February 2021
  • By: huw

Royston bells restored and returned

After the devastating fire of December 2018 which completely gutted the Royston Parish Church tower, all eight of the church bells were cracked. The 11cwt ring of eight was safely lowered to the floor and taken to the Taylors of Loughborough’s historic foundry for safe keeping and repair.

The bells were a mixed ring, three by Thomas Lester dated 1739, three by Mears & Stainbank dated 1919, and two by Taylor’s dated 1901. Every one of the bells was badly cracked, and the ring could not be saved. Working with the church’s insurers, the 1901 cast iron and steel Taylor “H” frame has been checked over. The castings and steel grillage survived intact, and the steel beam ends have been dug out and exposed to check the internal damage to the tower walls caused by the fire.
All the beam ends have been re-grouted into the tower walls, and additional support beams manufactured and installed beneath the bell frame to give it extra rigidity. The bells have been recast to form a new 12 cwt eight, and all new fittings manufactured before the bells are rehung in the restored tower.

On 19th January 2021 the restored bells were returned to Royston and are now being rehung in the belfry. We look forward to hearing them ringing when the refurbished church is complete in the summer!