Neil's Musical Memory

  • Posted on: 11 May 2021
  • By: huw

RCS Bass Neil Heywood was asked to recall his earliest musical memory but instead, he tells us...

I was thinking about my earliest musical image, rather than a memory, when I came across this picture in my old school’s ’Old Boys’ magazine. It shows a section of the choir at our annual carol concert, which was quite a big event for the school and introduced me to many Christmas hardy annuals like ‘In Dulci Jubilo’, ‘The Coventry Carol’, and Howells ‘A Spotless Rose’.

The picture dates, I’d guess, from Christmas 1954 or 1955, and it was obviously taken by our local paper’s staff photographer. It comes as somewhat of a shock to realise that I’ve been singing this stuff for 65 years. Perhaps other choir members have musically themed pictures to share?

So, which if those little angels is me? A bottle of wine to the first choir member to guess correctly at our first live rehearsal, whenever that may be.

For a picture of an older Neil, and his Desert Island Discs musical selection, click here.