Inheritance tracks - Val Hirst

  • Posted on: 8 December 2019
  • By: huw

The track I inherited:
When I was a toddler, my mother used to keep me entertained (and quiet) by playing the piano. I was brought up on a wide range of music from Flanagan & Allen ‘Hometown’ to Rossini overtures. I can remember dancing around the patterns on the carpet to ‘Orpheus in the underworld’, but I think my favourite was ‘William Tell’.
Many people of my era will associate this with ‘The Lone Ranger’ and ‘Hi Ho Silver’ but we didn’t have a TV until about 1960. Long before that the radio was always on. I remember Dick Bentley and Jimmy Edwards in ‘Take it from here’ (1949-1960). One week they did a sketch about William Tell and his adversary Albrecht Gessler. The sketch ended on a cliff-hanger. “So what happened then?” Reply: “We’ll never know. As Rossini says “Did ‘e bomb, Did e’ bomb, Di ‘e bomb, bomb, bomb!”

The track I want to pass on:
I later developed a love of singing all genres. My father, who was not very musical, loved my ‘folk period’. In later life whenever we came away from a funeral he would grumble about the poor choice of music and insist that, when he went, I was to sing the ‘Mingulay Boat Song’ for him. In November 2016 I did just that, unaccompanied; not a dry eye in the room.