Inheritance Tracks - David Whitty

  • Posted on: 8 June 2022
  • By: huw

The song I remember most from my childhood was Benny Hill’s Ernie who of course, 'drove the fastest milk cart in the west'! It’s a shame that silly kids songs don’t seem to have such clever lyrics these days! It was a favourite on the Saturday morning radio show Junior Choice and surely one of the first video songs. 

Choosing a song I would like to pass on to my own children is difficult as they grew up listening to our extensive collection and probably know it as well as I do. However, though both can sing, neither of my boys (now both in their later 20s!) sang in choirs so I would like them to listen to a piece in full SATB [soprano, alto, tenor, bass] to understand the magic of choral singing. The piece I would choose is Allegri’s Miserere. Its ethereal sound is unlike anything you come across in modern music and it was an exciting piece to perform in the choir of my youth. 

Perhaps they will discover choral singing in later life - they both have good voices - Jonathon having been a 'Joseph' in Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat and Andrew having performed in the sea cadets' productions.