A Christmas Oratorio

  • Posted on: 29 November 2017
  • By: richard

Royston was once again treated to a fine performance of J.S. Bach’s ‘Christmas Oratorio’ at St John’s Parish Church.
Bach composed this masterpiece, comprised of six parts, to be played over six days during the Christmas season in 1734 and into the New Year.
This concert consisted of four sections of the ‘Christmas Oratorio’, performed in one evening and sung in German, (we were given the words in German and English in the programme which was very helpful).
What an amazing feat of organization and dedication!
The performers assembled consisted of:
East Herts Sinfonia, Four Soloists, and the Royston and District Choral Society. They were conducted by the Musical Director, Andrew O’Brien, who is a maestro and an enthusiastic, encouraging performer. The Soloists - Nina Bennet (Soprano), Oliver Gerrish (Countertenor), Daniel Joy (Tenor), and Lawrence Williams (Bass), interjected with the Recitatives and Arias to tell us the story of Jesus from the ‘Annunciation to the Shepherds’ through to the ‘Naming of Jesus’. Their accomplished and very talented performances were exceptional.
The East Herts Sinfonia and Choral singers were perfect in enhancing this titanic production adding depth and atmosphere to the full performance.
The whole company showed commitment, concentration and respect to their Musical Director, and their fellow artistes. This was conveyed directly and with full appreciation to the audience who were immersed in the atmosphere of this production. This was a truly magnificent, first-rate performance.

Vera Swallow.