Celebrity Connections

  • Posted on: 2 February 2021
  • By: huw

Celebrity Connections – Sue Pegram

Launching a new series in which members of the Royston Choral Society drop a few musical names. Alto Sue Pegram sets a high bar by dropping three (and all of them seem to involve alcohol!)

A flutter with Rutter

In 1999 a small team of us in our village were organising a millennium
 party for the villagers. The planning meetings were mostly held in our 
local pub or in each other’s houses, where wine was taken. Not much 
planning was done, but we had a nice time! When out delivering leaflets for 
the event, we went to the cottage which John Rutter uses to get away from it
 all to do his composing. We were just about to post through the letterbox 
when his smiling face appeared and he opened the door to us. He asked what
 we were planning. “What a lovely idea” he said. We invited him to come along.
 He said he might. He didn’t! But he did sign my score of his Feel the Spirit after a workshop in 2003.

Whittaker’s whistle stop

The next story is slightly embarrassing, and younger readers probably won’t
 even have heard of this person. It was lunchtime on Christmas Eve in the
 early 1980s and I’d gone to the local pub for a drink with friends. A
 couple of the lads gave me a Christmas kiss as I went in (I knew them well,
I hasten to add…) and then a bearded person in the bar also asked for a kiss. It was the guitar-playing, whistling, Roger Whittaker. He was much younger then - and so was I!

Sue, Sam, Simon and Yasmin

To bring things up to date, I met pop singer Sam Smith when he 
performed the opening ceremony for the newly restored Chishill windmill in 
2019. In 2018 Simon and Yasmin Le Bon attended a local small choir
 concert, when I sang the solo alto line in Buxtehude’s Magnificat. Simon
 signed my programme and Yasmin agreed that a large glass of red wine was a
good plan for after the concert…

[Editor’s note: Simon Le Bon is a musician best known as the lead singer and lyricist of the band Duran Duran, Yasmin Le Bon is a top fashion model.]