Bach B Minor Mass

  • Posted on: 14 February 2020
  • By: huw

As we prepare to perform Bach's B Minor Mass, Chris, shares his thoughts on the monumental work....

What do you think about Bach’s B Minor Mass?

Listen to the 1st movement Kyrie Eleison

When asked what they thought of JS Bach in general and his B Minor Mass in particular, fans around the world replied…

Bach wrote the Kyrie and Gloria to demonstrate his composing skills in pursuit of a job he never got. At the end of his life, he composed, compiled from earlier music, and completed the mass, paying to have the mass bound. I highly recommend singing this piece, because I felt the piece revealed more to me as a singer. One of the highlights is singing "Crucifixus" ending almost in silence and then blasting into the "Et Resurrexit" Also the "Cum Sancto Spiritu" at the end of part one. It may not be to everyone's taste, but it was a monumental undertaking by one of the great composers. To quote MIchael Torkel "Why would you ever need a psychiatrist, when you could just listen to Bach's B-minor Mass.”

How something like this can come out of one person is beyond me.

Someone once said "Bach was better at music than anyone else has ever been at anything." I think it sums up pretty well how unbelievable Bach's genius is.

Although I'm not a Christian, Bach's masses often bring tears to my eyes. It is the most beautiful music!!

For Bach to compose this in a cold room, at the light of a candle, (no iPhone or computers) is the same as the Egyptians building the pyramids without excavators or cranes.

Composer Ari Kast wrote about Bach, in his book: "If humanity ever needs an ambassador to make us look good, I'll gratefully point to him as evidence that we did something useful with our time here".

Johann Sebastian Bach, the greatest composer of all time!

I've heard it ten thousand times. Never gets tiring. Infinitely powerful beyond words. All hail the great Bach.

Having heard the Kyrie, you can go home. It´s a cathedral of sound itself. A monument. Instead, there´s a whole torrential waterfall of music behind. Blessed who could sing it, it is a unique experience.

This is a miracle. Beyond earthly measures.

Such beauty; wonder what it sounded like in his head.

Make up your own mind – join us for our performance of Bach’s B Minor Mass in Ashwell on Saturday 21st March. You can book your tickets online here.